We offer workshops, private training and performances for enthusiastic people who would like to discover Kinbaku.

Guests & Events in Studio 6×6, Berlin

Discover Kinbaku is proud to host a Kinbaku LuXuria 3-day intensive workshop, fully dedicated to the “Naka Ryu”, presented by Riccardo Wildties, the Deshi of Naka-san. This is your opportunity to delve deeper into Seme Nawa and to discover the beauty and intensity of Naka Ryu as interpreted and taught by Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath

Life Drawing Event & Kinbaku Play Night

On invitation only: We open the doors of our Studio 6×6 for Kinbaku and Shibari enthusiasts, to join us for a life drawing event and play night. The evening will feature one intimate Kinbaku session, you can draw or just watch and enjoy. More Info…

Meet us at Berlin Bondage Jam (every Tuesday, 8 pm)

On the road…

The System

Seme-nawa Kinbaku Japanese Bondage in Berlin MoabitWe offer a teaching system for Kinbaku, so that you learn to tie safely and with focus on the shared experience as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the most important principle – practice yourself a lot! – we cannot take you from the shoulders. What we can offer is a system to learn the necessary technical principles quickly and consecutively building on each other. For this we have developed a method to combine technique and non-technique, theory and practice in catchy exercises. Our goal is to give you good tools for your play. ==> Read more

Technically, our system is based on the forms of Seme Nawa by Akira Naka, as we learned from Riccardo Wildties and how we interpret them for our own play.

If you are already advanced, want to “change” from other styles, or are generally unsure, talk to us, so we can decide together what is the right level for you to get started.

Private Lessons

This is the best and most effective way to discover Kinbaku. You will notice: the private lessons is the turbo to tie faster, more safe and thus really focussed on your partner’s emotions. For the people in the rope, we provide valuable tips on breathing, body tension and stress management. Only in private lessons we can respond individually to your wishes. Depending on your current level, we give you exactly the input you need to get to a new level in your bondage. It does not matter where you stand on your path to Kinbaku. ==> Details & Booking

Beginners Level:

Discover Kinbaku Intro Evening

What is Kinbaku? Isn’t it called Shibari? What is the difference between Western Bondage and Japanese one? Does it hurt? I would like to be tied – how do I find a safe start? How do I avoid security risks or misunderstandings during a session? How does consent work? You are enthusiastic beginners or even just interested in the subject of bondage? You want to learn to tie? This introductory evening is our offer to You to get an overview of Japanese-inspired Bondage (Kinbaku) in an open, relaxed and safe atmosphere. Learn the first techniques and get answers to your questions. ==> Details & Booking

From Zero to Patterns & Play

This is the workshop for enthusiastic beginners who want to explore Kinbaku (Japanese-inspired bondage). We address both partners who take an active, albeit different, role. After a brief introduction to safety, you will explore qualities of contact through the rope. We will introduce a few basic principles and you will learn how to combine them, developing “real” patterns for play with your partner. We will emphasize movement, control, non-verbal communication, intention-based consent. The goal is to be able to create beautiful shared moments in ropes. ==> Details & Booking

Intermediate Level:

Earth: Establishing a Ground

With this series of evening classes we provide an opportunity to establish the ground for Seme-nawa on a regular basis. We will deepen already familiar principles and patterns and learn to apply them to create new ones forming the tied body into aesthetic and challenging positions. Playfully and gradually, we will progress from the ground into partials and first full suspensions. In doing so, we do not deal with the techniques as stand alone, but repeatedly ask for the intentions and give impulses to the rope-bottoms to bring their attention to their feelings and sensations… ==> Details & Booking

Water: Rasing Up

This series of regular evening classes in Seme-nawa is the next level after „EARTH”. After first patterns and routines are established, we are raising up and getting more fluid. In WATER we are dealing with fluid management of (semi) suspension techniques and suspension with torsion. Rope-Bottoms learn the somatic skills to master more challenging positions in a healthy and enjoyable way. In doing so, we deepen our understanding of Seme-nawa, scrutinise our intentions and learn strategies how to create a scene.  ==> Details & Booking

Advanced Level:

Fire: Touching the Core

In this advanced Kinbaku course, we use the Gyaku-ebi position to teach techniques that go deeper into the somatic body of the tied person. Increasingly we focus on intention and emotion. The rope and the physical-mental challenge it creates are means to an end to push into emotional depths. The process of tying is slow and the generated figures are static. Rope on rope increases the challenge. The goal is to move the tied partner to surrendering and show her in all her beauty.  ==> Details & Booking

Air: Learning to Fly

In the element air we are dealing on the basis of the so far learned with technically more complex positions and the transitions between them. This requires a lot of routine and good communication between the partners. We address flow and dynamics, but also ideas how to develop a “scene”. We show elements and principles of the Kinbaku that we tie “for us.” In doing so, we pick up positions from the water or fire elements, and develop paths of transformation between them. The result is images that are aesthetically reminiscent of calligraphy or ikebana. ==> Details & Booking

Essentials Intensive for all levels:

Kinbaku LuXuria Takate Kote: History, Functionality, Body handling and Aesthetics of the 3rd Rope

In this workshop we will follow evolution of Takate Kote (TK, Gote Shibari or Box-Tie) and introduce different construction principles that result from different intentions or applications, with focus on the TK as engineered by Riccardo Wildties / Kinbaku LuXuria. We will also present variations of the third rope for Seme-nawa. The main focus will necessarily be technical, but we also want to emphasize the movement, control, (non-verbal) communication and handling of the tied partner. ==> Details & Booking

Suspension Lines and Tie-off on Bamboo: Effectiveness, Safety and Aesthetics

Whether in partial or full suspension, when handling the ropes, absolute safety, speed and precision are the prerequisite that your tied partner can confidently give in the situation. Uncertainty, hesitation, bad rope handling, stress, hectic – all these are transmitted directly and disturb their experience. The formula is 3x3x4: There are three standard situations, there are three principles that are used alone or in combination, and four different tie-offs depending on the situation. ==> Details & Booking

Friction, Tension, Flow: Gain more safety and routine in handling the rope

No matter if beginner or advanced, there are always the same principles we have to deal with in bondage. It’s about applying the rope effectively, keeping the tension in the process and as tightly as necessary. There is only one recipe: Practice, practice, practice. In this workshop practicable, practiced and effective concepts are presented to improve rope tension, rope flow and the finger work with the frictions by training. This workshop is open for individual registrations. ==> Details & Booking

Somatics for Rope Bottoms

Regular Study Group

In this workshop we will put aside rope for a moment and focus on the soma or “the body as perceived from within.” We will learn to feel ourselves in the moment and to contain our experiences without freezing or running away. We will learn to pay attention to what is happening in the moment. We will reconnect to our sense of safety. We will learn to verbalize our desires and choices and recognize when it doesn’t feel good anymore. Increased somatic awareness and access to the wisdom of your body will lead naturally to deepening your bottoming experiences and making it more internal, conscious and safe. ==> Details & Booking


Alessandra: A beautiful place and beautiful people
A beautiful place and beautiful people, I always had deep experiences with them and the quality of teaching is really high. What I had during the workshops and the meeting there was not only techniques teaching but also the possibility to live my emotions and share them without feeling any kind of shame or feeling judged. Highly recommend for any kind of level. See you there!
Wojtek: Very thorough classes with a good energy
Very thorough classes with a good energy in teaching and communication. Thank You again.
Daniela: One of the best places in Berlin fo study Kinbaku art
One of the best places in Berlin fo study Kinbaku art, great teachers ,cozy yet kinky atmosphere and a lot of knowledge and passion to ropes and human connection. Suitable for both beginners and advanced rope lovers.
Katharina: I really enjoy their teaching style: Inclusive, specific and practical
I really enjoy their teaching style: Inclusive, specific and practical, inviting reflection and willing to reflect and learn which makes for great teachers, great communication, very warm and inviting atmosphere. And just great people and a beautiful space!
Merve: Amazing workshops with an excellent team
Amazing workshops with an excellent team and impeccable teaching capacities. I have learnt a lot from all of my visits to the studio and definitely recommend them to anyone who is serious about ropes. I would also like to add that this space, including their jam, was so far one of the most queer and women* friendly open rope spaces in Berlin.
F.: In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you get to improve your rope skills.
In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you get to improve your rope skills. The teaching is very well balanced between technique, feeling, body awareness, safety and playfulness. Lessons are well structured and there is even a handout to remember keypoints and harnesses. To sum up, you’ll learn loads and have fun at the same time – highly recommend it.
Dirk: Always a very warm and good atmosphere
Always a very warm and good atmosphere. And a lot to learn.

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