Life-Drawing & Play Night

We open the doors of our Studio 6×6 for Kinbaku and Shibari enthusiasts, to join us for a life drawing event and play night. The evening will feature one intimate Kinbaku session, you can draw or just watch and enjoy.

Before and after the performance there will be time to socialise or to tie yourself. 

We open the doors of our Studio 6×6 for Kinbaku and Shibari enthusiasts, to join us for a life drawing event and play night.

For whom is it?

The Kinbaku Salon is for everyone who wants to delve into the art of traditional Japanese tying and its expression in an intimate Kinbaku performance.  We especially welcome artists and designers, or any other creative folks who want to see and feel Kinbaku first hand.


  • Tea, coffee, and snacks are provided
  • Bring an open mind and your own drawing materials
  • For the Kinbaku Play Night we offer a cosy studio with Tatami, Futons, five Bamboo and one Hashira for those who got inspired. (Bring your own rope!)


Wednesday, 28. August 2019, 7-30 pm till 11-30 pm

Friday 27. September 2019, 7-30 pm till 11-30 pm

Sunday, 27. October 2019, 7-30 pm till 11-30 pm

Sunday 08. December 2019, 7-30 pm till 11-30 pm


19:30–20:00 Door open, welcome, socialising (Door closes at 20:00 sharp)

20.00–21.00ish Performance

21.00–23.30 Playnight: Open space for tying or socialising

Studio 6×6, Berlin-Moabit

Space is limited, please RSVP to to reserve your space (and get an address)

Contribution: Donation based, 10 € per Person as recommendation


Is there any model release to be signed?
No. When you get rich and famous with a drawing you do that night, we are happy for you (and a bit proud). Sure, we would be delighted when you refer to us for any publication.

I cannot draw but I want to take some photos. Is this possible?

Well… not this time. We are experiencing with the format. If it works for us, we might offer a „photographers edition“. Still, come and watch and get inspired!

Is this a workshop?

No. It is a chance to get inspired and to watch and feel. You can socialise, meet interesting people and we can point you to workshop offers in Berlin. But there will be no teaching involved,

Do I need a partner for this workshop?

No, come alone, or with as many as you want. 

I am interested in the performance, but I do not intent to tie / getting tied myself. Do I fit in?

Absolutely. There is nothing you „have to“ do. There is room for socialising, discussions, to observe and learn or to exchange with other’s. Even during the Kinbaku Play Night it is totally ok to just watch respectfully.