Advanced Workshop in Seme-nawa by Kinkyphilia

Shadow, a shape of darkness in the light. That obscure side which makes it so fascinating! Why do we tie? What is moving us? What does a session generate?

Kinbaku is something which reveals what we have inside. It doesn’t add or remove anything, both to rigger and model. The style we are inspired from, semenawa [Tormenting Rope], silently affects the deepest parts of our spirit.

Torment will be the main subject of this workshop, focusing on the consequences that it could bring to: particular emphasis will be given to exposure and shame.

The Shadow - Advanced workshop in Kinbaku LuXuria Style Semenawa
Advanced Workshop in Seme-nawa, by Kinkyphilia, hosted at Studio 6×6

The Shadow is a project by Kinkyphilia: a format for a workshop with a limited number of already advanced participants. This will open to a more robust didactic and also it will allow the development of those group dynamics which improve the learning experience: conversation and taking a cue by observing the other participants or learning not only by personal mistakes but also by the ones of the other people.

The style we are inspired by is Kinbaku LuXuria, by Riccardo Wildties. It is a traditional style, which descends from Naka-Ryu and which maintains the same principles.

Who is it for?

The Shadow is not a basic class.
This workshop is for couples (of all ages and gender constellations) who want to engage on an advanced level with Seme-nawa, who have already:

  • robust knowledge and execution capability of a TK in Kinbaku LuXuria / Naka-Ryu style
  • strong knowledge of the basic pattern of the style (ashi shibari, futomomo, monoblock, a third rope, etc.)
  • good familiarity with the basic suspension of the style

You will learn

We will discover how torment is not induced by pain and how shame could be driven by the exposure for showing the beauty of suffering, without necessarily getting into humiliation.

Following topics will be faced:

  • Torment vs. Torture
  • Suffering vs. Pain
  • Exposure vs. Exhibition
  • Shame vs. Humiliation
  • Oppression and Objectification
  • Physical stress and boiling point

And of course, also bottoming points of view will be discussed, like

  • Acceptance, resignation, abandon
  • Surrendering vs. submitting

Didactic will be supported by multimedia instruments: photo and short videos of the great kinbaku Masters will be covered during the class, like Nureki Chimuo, Naka Akira, Riccardo Wildties to show relevant points and to point to how the style evolved without changing the basics of the spirit and how for a Western couple this experience could be enjoyable.
Also, during the practice time, pictures of the ties of the students will be taken with a didactic purpose, to make comparisons, analysis and considerations during some moments of The Shadow.


Andrea Kurogami – 31 years old – has been always fascinated by kinky practices. He met Shiawase in 2014 in Turin. She is his actual life & rope partner. Together, they started to take part in local munches of the kinky community. He started to study kinbaku in October 2016, inspired by Kinbaku LuXuria Style, after he first met Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath. This meeting made kinbaku and its studies as a fundamental point of Kurogami and Shiawase’s life as a couple. In August 2017 they created Kinkyphilia, originally a blog where to share thoughts and photos, then it became a project for the continuous improvement of the study and research of Kinbaku. Kurogami became a certified educator by Kinbaku LuXuria – Level I – in February 2018 and he definitely embraced the educational values of Riccardo.
During the year, Kurogami and Shiawase take actively part to kinbaku events mainly in Milan but also in other Italian and European cities, where they were also present as performers in dedicated events.


  • Closed Group of five couples
  • 2 days of about 7 hrs practice, supported by multimedia instruments
  • Tee, coffee, soft drinks and a light lunch are provided
  • Location: Studio 6×6, Berlin-Moabit (detailed address comes with confirmation)
  • Language: English, no German translation

Contribution: 300 € per couple, to be paid in advance


Saturday / Sunday July 20/21, 10:00 – 18:00

Bring along: comfortable, flexible clothing and at least 12 jute ropes, 5 or 6 mm, 7 – 7.6 m long

==> Notes for participants


I am a total beginner in the rope. Is the workshop suitable for me?

This workshop is not designed for total beginners. In order to be able to participate really intensively and also to achieve the maximum effect for you, you people on both sides of the ropes should master a good Takate-kote, capable for torsion load and have first experiences in doing / taking suspensions.

I’m an experienced rigger, but not familiar with Naka Ryo / Wildties Style . Can I participate?

In general we welcome experienced people from other styles, as long they master the fundamental technical principles. If you’re in doubt about whether this workshop is appropriate for you, please get in touch with us.

I do not have a partner. Can I still participate?

The workshop is deliberately advertised for couples. To really get a maximum effect for you from this workshop, you should be already familiar with tying together for erotic / BDSM play.

Is switching allowed?

For this workshop, switching is not encouraged. The pace will be high, and there will be not enough time to practice exercises twice.

My body is not as flexible as the models on the internet, can I still attend the workshop?

Yes. Kinbaku is the play on the limits of the individual possibilities of the person in the ropes, not the execution of fixed techniques. Important is the willingness of the model to be in the rope for the limited time and the rigger to deal responsibly with this gift.