Arekusanda NawaRonin

縄浪人 = Nawa-Ronin, very loosely to be translated as “The Rope Warrior without honor”

I am a scientist and researcher, a truth seeker and have been fascinated by Japanese history and culture for a long time. Since childhood I have been practicing Jiu-Jitsu / Aikido, where I graduated as a black belt. Kinbaku itself opened up to me very late, as I – during a Kinbaku performance for the first time – understood that in rope bondage there can be a wonderful connection between two people.

It was only with Natasha NawaTaNeko that my journey took off in 2013. Bondage became an important part of our lives and we started to experiment with different teachers and styles. A turning point was the introduction into the Seme-nawa style of Akira Naka by Scot Kinbaku and his partner Namarie, a style that fascinated us in philosophy and expression and since then has not let go. Consequently, we became students of Riccardo Wildties, the first disciple (Deshi) of Akira Naka.

Arekusanda NawaRonin is the first official certified instructor for Kinbaku Luxuria Naka Ryo Basic Level (Zero to TK) in Germany.

Arekusanda NawaRoninArekusanda NawaRoninArekusanda NawaRoninArekusanda NawaRoninArekusanda NawaRonin

As a Kinbaku teacher, I strive to empower my students as quickly as possible to find their own path. I teach principles and elements, not fixed, rigid forms. I am only a fundamentalist when it comes to aspects of consent and safety. My background as scientist and Martial Art practitioner as well as my teaching experience from my day job feed into my teaching method.

Kinbaku is a journey for me, a path I walk with my partner and a few close people, people whom I trust to open up to. Kinbaku happens between two people, it is communication and emotion – and highly erotic. I am interested in playing with sensations to induce emotions: suffering, pain and pleasure … in beauty. When I tie then that’s definitely a challenge for the person in my ropes. I tie tightly, I do not do hammocks! Above all, it is important to me that we can go into an intimate play, both on physical and mental level. This often takes time to get to know each other and a certain mutual desire.

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