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Some thoughts on Tension – from rope bottom to riggers

„Make it nice-and-tight“ © Riccardo Sergnese  I recently have been tied for the class by the student, and it struck me how important is the right tension for the experience of bondage. I gave that […]

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Bottoming for Seme-nawa

Semenawa is in demand these days. Many people feel attracted to a darker, erotic, challenging, and most of all deeply emotional way of doing Kinbaku. „Many people do naka-ties, but very few do naka style“ […]

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The learning mindset: your key to make real progress in rope bondage

Did you ever wonder why some people make fast progress taking up a new discipline and others don’t? Looks like it’s not limited to rope bondage, it is the same in aikido or dance or […]

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Tokyo – Impressions

Visiting Tokyo was the big highlight for us in 2019. We had one week – it was too short and same time over-full with impressions. Private tuition with Naka-san We had the chance to meet Naka […]

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About Quality in Kinbaku

Very often I’m in the argument about quality or even more vague: beauty in Kinbaku. Why is this tie more beautiful than another? Why does this picture look good and the other not? What is […]

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How to be a good student

by Andrea Kurogami We are very impressed by this article from our dear friend and Kinbaku LuXuria “colleague” and we wanted to give it a re-post here in our collection and also provide a German […]

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An alternative view on safety: behavior based safety concept for rope bondage

We talk a lot about safety in bondage. The most discussed issue still seems to be a nerve damage. Even though, quite recently the issue of testing hard points was finally brought up. What is […]

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Boundaries and limits: finding out where you begin

When we hear “boundaries” or “limits”, we likely think “restriction”, “obstacle”, something rather negative, limiting our free expression or our experience. I recall a conversation I had once with a girl who just had her […]

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Good Pain vs. Bad Pain: Three Questions strategy to navigate your rope experience and stay safe

Pain naturally belongs to the experience of going out of comfort zone. When playing with physical restriction and gravity, compression, extension and torsion and all possible ways of bringing the body in stressful positions, chances […]

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Let’s be honest: It’s about sex

Kinbaku is erotic. Kinbaku is suffering. Kinbaku is for perverts. Kinbaku is – in Japan – porn! Kinbaku is about playing out darkest fantasies: bondage, enslavement, restriction of freedom… about sweet suffering and inflicting pain. […]

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What makes a perfect kinbaku photography?

We have now seen the pictures of three teams. They’ve directed by You. You have given specific instructions for the Kinbaku, accurate instructions for the light, and the exact settings for the cameras. You even […]

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Ikkyo a lifelong. Some thoughts about practice.

The simplest technique in Aikido is called Ikkyo. For the matter of this article it doesn’t matter how this technique is executed, but if you are curious, here is a video where O-Sensei – the […]

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The power of surrender. Some thoughts on semenawa from a bottom perspective

My partner and I devote ourselves to a very particular kind of rope bondage – the one that is called “semenawa”. Literally it means “torture” or “tormenting rope”. I like to ponder about what it […]

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A short guide on how to negotiate consent in rope and get what you really want

Consent in rope is a hot topic these days. There are many words written about empowering the person in ropes to set up or defend their boundaries and creating awareness for the tying person to […]

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The six most serious mistakes beginners in Kinbaku consistently do

Giving lessons to beginners in Kinbaku, I always start my workshops with: “I will teach you, what I wish someone would have taught me as I started.” My start in Kinbaku was really not good. […]

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Molecular shibari

I always pondered on how I could bring together my profession and my passion. Now there was made a breakthrough at the University of Manchester. Not sure if the team had riggers, though… So maybe […]

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