We enjoy to do collaborations with other artists – doing photoshoots, videoproductions, or other crazy stuff. Ideas come to light, when human beings come together to share and create. We wish to meet artists with their own vision, with curiosity and an open mind but also with respect for the traditions of Kinbaku.

A few examples of successful and fun projects exhibited below.

Saara Rei Kinbaku Photo Session

This is the result of a joint project with amazimg friends and an attempt to apply what we learned about aesthetics and photography from Norio Sugiura Sensei in Copenhagen 2019. Model: Saara Rei, Photography: Zor, Rigging: me Natasha Nawataneko and Margout Darko helped with lights, lifting and assisting during the shooting.

Strappado Tale

The Red Fish Session

Family ties

(c) ZOR with Saara Rei and Andy Buru

The bathroom session

(c) Scot Kinbaku Model: Gabrielle

Hashira: Love, Punishment & Redemption

Rope Passion