Covid-19 Hygiene concept

Full concept in German

All participants are reminded of the following hygiene measures, and are asked to comply to them at all times to protect themselves and others.

We work in personal contact only with people who are fully recovered or vaccinated. Hence: if vaccination is not possible for you – contact us to find a solution adhering to the rules.

All participants need to have a recent antigene test.


Please maintain a safe physical distance to other people in the studio (2 meters). Please line up at the entrance, keep your distance and wait until the changing room area is empty to enter.


Please be aware that some people will be afraid to be around other people again. Be restrained with hugging, touching, etc.

Face Cover

Please wear a mouth-nose cover when you are in the room, especially in the common areas such as the entrance and kitchen. You may remove your mask when you are in the assigned couples’ area.


Do not come if you or someone you live with has symptoms. If you develop symptoms after visiting the studio, please notify us immediately so that we can notify everyone who was at the studio. Read the RKI instructions to check your symptoms.

Hand hygiene

Please wash your hands after arrival and during the breaks. Hand disinfectants and antiseptic wipes are available throughout the studio. Please use them to clean all surfaces you use.


Ropes are to be brought by yourself if possible! Ropes for rental are disinfected before us after use.

Please bring your own cups and mugs so that you can drink our free tea and coffee.