We are passionate about the Kinbaku we do. Therefore, we share our experiences and make our knowledge available to others, from absolute beginners to advanced students. As a couple tying together for more than 5 years now, we want to address some specific points in our teaching:

  • Kinbaku is about creating a shared experience between two people – it is not just about techniques
  • Hence, mastering technique is essential to let go of it and create an emotional scene
  • Both partners in ropes – Rigger and Rope-bottom – have an active role to create the scene, there is no „passive“ partner

Therefore as a basic principle of our teaching we aim to teach both partners in rope equally – with complementary content. We teach the Riggers to better their tie and the Rope-bottoms to better experience the tying.

The Elements

We offer a system to learn the necessary technical and non-technical principles quickly and consecutively building on each other. For this we have developed a method to combine technique and non-technique, theory and practice for both partners in ropes. Our goal is to give you the best tools for your play.

To guide you through the complex matter, we created the “Elements“, inspired by the classical Western Alchemic system. The system is giving the opportunity for the Riggers to practice the principles and patterns as well as for the Rope-bottoms to develop the relevant somatic skills.


  • In EARTH, both partners are laying down the fundament for their erotic bondage. The riggers learn the first techniques and principles – creating harnesses and forming the body into positions. The bottoms need to practice patience most of all whilst the riggers practice and master basic techniques.
  • In WATER, both partners become more flexible and adaptable. Riggers learn how to move the rope – and the body. For Bottoms the topics are Placement of Attention and Communication.

EART and WATER both are more technical, obvious, on the surface: “Omote”.

  • The element of FIRE adresses Intention and Emotion. More complex and challenging positions create an impact on the somatic body of the person in ropes. Rope-bottoms learn to grow stamina in challenging positions as well as understand their limits or how to distinguish between „good“ and „bad“ pain and how to deal with it.

Finally, with AIR, a new freedom is gained. Your bondage and your expression in ropes can become free and creative again. You have all the advanced tools for how to develop a scene and how to create individual aesthetics.

FIRE and AIR cannot be taught – it can just be shown. Our path is not your path. Nothing is obvious. The truth is hidden behind the surface: “Ura”

Education Offer

For Beginners

We are very enthusiastic about teaching absolute beginners. This offer is for you, when you want to learn simple principles to engage safely, effectively, aesthetically and playfully in the rope bondage together.

Learn Japanese Rope Bondage Shibari Kinbaku


We are students of Kinbaku LuXuria in the art of Semenawa of Akira Naka. Based upon that, we have developed our own interpretation of the style . And this is what we share exclusively with our students above the beginners level.

Learn Japanese Rope Bondage Shibari Kinbaku

For Rope-Bottoms

Bringing together her love for Kinbaku with her professional background in Sexological Bodywork, Natasha developed a structure for rope bottoms to deepen their experience in ropes and make it more internal and safe.