Essentials Intensive: Friction, Tension, Flow

Gain more safety and routine in handling the rope

No matter if beginner or advanced, there are always the same principles we have to deal with in bondage. It’s about applying the rope effectively, keeping the tension in the process and as tightly as necessary. Both too tight and too loose is often a problem – for the safety and the general experience of the model. Furthermore, the fingers should move elegantly through narrow spaces without “pinching” the model.

Effectiveness and precision in Kinbaku are the prerequisites that your restrained partner can confidently surrender to the situation. Uncertainty, hesitation, bad handling of the ropes, stress, hectic – all this is transmitted directly to your partner and causes a disturbance of the experience, just as atmospheric noise clouds the enjoyment of a radio transmission.

There is only one recipe: Practice, practice, practice. In this workshop practicable, practiced and effective concepts are presented to improve rope tension, rope flow and the finger work with the frictions by training. In a relaxed and safe atmosphere, the techniques shown will be practiced and consolidated so that the movements are written into the muscle memory.

In contrast to our Seme-nawa courses, this workshop is open for individual registrations.

This is a practical workshop, you will tie a lot – also on yourself.

Essentials Intensive: Friction, Tension, Flow: Gain more safety and routine in handling the rope –

Who is it intended for?

This workshop is primarily for all bondage enthusiasts who already have some experience in Japanese inspired bondage and want to gain more safety and routine in handling the rope. 

What do I get out of it?

  • After the training you will be much more experienced with the basic principles of Kinbaku. You can better control the tension and flow of the rope and pinch your partners less when tying e.g. arm flutes or futomomo’s.
  • By practicing routines, the movements go directly into the muscle memory and are therefore available for bondage with your partner.
  • The gained routine in the fundamental technical principles has a direct effect on your self-confidence when tying and strengthens the trust of the tied person in you.
  • Strategies will be practiced to safely and aesthetically „burn“ the remaining ropes without losing time.


Sunday, 17th of November 2019

1 – 5 pm, 4hrs hands-on training, with breaks

Tea, coffee, and cold drinks are provided

Location: Studio 6×6, Berlin-Moabit (detailed address comes with confirmation)

Language: English / German

Contribution: 90 € per Person, to be paid in advance

(You don’t need a model for this workshop)

Bring along: comfortable, flexible clothing and at least 6 jute ropes, 5 or 6 mm, 7 – 7.6 m long

=> Notes for participants


Bodywork for Riggers * Relaxation and presence exercises * Exercises for ergonomics and control of the rope flow * Rope tension * Exercises on how to put the rope on the body: Arm flutes * Finger work in “narrow spaces” * Futomono & Agura * Under? Over? Under? – Your best square knot * Quick and effective usage of the remaining rope

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m a total beginner. Is the workshop suitable for me?

This workshop is not suitable for absolute beginners, the right workshop for beginners is Discover Kinbaku: Essentials – From Zero to Patterns and Play. In order to achieve the maximum effect for you, you should already have learned some techniques.

I don’t have a partner. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can / should participate in this workshop alone. You don’t need a model for this workshop, for partner exercises you partner up and switch roles.

Can I also participate as a model?

This workshop focuses on the manual skills of the riggers – this time there is really little for models to do or learn.

I learned a variation of the Z-technique at the XY Festival, but forgot how to do it exactly. Can I refresh this?

No, unfortunately that won’t be possible. We only show the techniques that we have critically evaluated ourselves and that have proven to be effective in our bondage practice.