Essentials Intensive

This series of three half-day workshops is for the people doing the ropes. It is complementary to our regular classes, where the communication and interaction of two human beings is the fundament of all our teaching. These workshops aim to boost your ability to execute the Essentials in a more free flow by embodiment practices. Without these Essentials embodies, communication in ropes cannot work to your and your models satisfaction.

We will deepen the few basic technical principles our Kinbaku is build on, get some glues to simplify and adapt to multiple situations – and mainly make your fingers, arms, bodies move!

  • The first workshop deals on a technical level with one of the most iconic ties – the gote or takate-kote. We will give some historical and anatomical perspective, compare variations,  and than deep dive into Wildties Gote. 
  • The second workshop deals with tie-offs, especially on bamboo. It will be about effectiveness and efficiency, which will make you fast and safe – you model will be grateful for it.
  • The third workshop will bring you into exercising the micro-movements. It deals with tension-management, rope-flow and finger-work in confined spaces. In general it will help you to shut off your brain and make your hands move.

These workshops are for single participants who want to better themselves doing the ropes. You don’t need a model. You will do exercises alone (on yourself) or suspend objects or get partnered up. As we work on principles it will be interesting and very rewarding for you to tie other people than your regular partners. Switch and changing partners will be highly encouraged in this workshop series.

You can book single workshops out of this series or all together, which we encourage by a bundle price.