Essentials Intensive: Suspension lines and tie-off at bamboo

Effectiveness, safety and aesthetics

Whether in partial or full suspension, when handling the ropes, absolute safety, speed and precision are the prerequisite that your tied partner can confidently give in the situation. Uncertainty, hesitation, bad handling of the ropes, stress, hectic – all these are transmitted directly to your partner and cause a disturbance of the experience, as an atmospheric noise spoils the enjoyment of a radio transmission.

The formula is 3x3x4: There are three standard situations, there are three important principles that are used alone or in combination, and I use four different tie-offs depending on the situation. In addition, I show strategies to quickly dispose of excess rope or, alternatively, to “mess-up” the suspension lines, which adds to the special aesthetics of our style. In a relaxed and safe atmosphere, the techniques shown are practiced and consolidated, so that the techniques are written into the muscle memory.

Essentials Intensive: Suspension lines and tie-off at bamboo: Effectiveness, safety and aesthetics –

For whom is it?

The Workshop is an offer primarily for those who already have some experience in Japanese-inspired bondage and want to gain more safety and routine in the handling of partial suspensions or suspensions.

What is in for me?

  • After training, diverse situations for tie-offs at bamboo are safely mastered
  • By practicing routines, the movements go directly into the muscle memory and are therefore available when tying with a partner
  • Strategies are introduced and practiced to safely and aesthetically “burn” remaining rope without losing time.
  • The gained security in the completion of suspension lines has a direct effect on your self-confidence when tying with partners and strengthens the confidence of the tied person.


Sunday, 3th of November 2019

1pm – 5 pm, 4 hrs hands-on training, with breaks

Tea, coffee, and cold drinks are provided

Location: Studio 6×6, Berlin-Moabit (detailed address comes with confirmation)

Language: English / German

Contribution: 90 € per Person, to be paid in advance

(You don’t need a model for this workshop)

Bring along: comfortable, flexible clothing and at least 6 jute ropes, 5 or 6 mm, 7 – 7.6 m long

=> Notes for participants

Recommended Reading: Nawa-Jiri von Kinkyphilia


An alternative approach to safety: Behavior-based safety * Three standard situations: single, double and triple rope * Tie-off at bamboo compared to tie-off at the point of attachment * Safety: prevention of break points * Ergonomics and control * Fast and effective “burning” of the rope * Chaos structured: “messing-up” suspension lines aesthetically * Emergency strategies


I am a total beginner in the rope. Is the Workshop suitable for me?

This workshop is not for the absolute beginner, the correct workshop for beginners is “Discover Kinbaku: Essentials – From Zero to Patterns and Play”. To get the maximum effect for you, you should already have learned the first techniques.

I do not have a partner. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can / should attend this workshop alone. The techniques will be practiced on an object.

Can I also participate as a model?

This lab will provide you with valuable clues to help you recognize a good aka safe rigger – in that sense: yes.

I learned a variation of the Z technique at the XY Festival, but I’ve forgotten how it works. Can I refresh this?

No, that will not be possible. We only show the techniques that we have critically evaluated and that have proven to be effective in our tying practice.