Introduction to Yukimura Ryu I

In this weekend workshop, Michael Ropeknight gives an introduction to “Mindset” and techniques of Yukimura Ryu. Michael Ropeknight has experienced and got to know different styles of Shibari on various trips to Japan and combines the great bondage schools of Yukimura Ryu and Osada Ryu in an undogmatic way

Through his creative and powerful, yet calm and emotional deep bondage, he gives these styles a personal touch.

Introduction to Yukimura Ryu I with Michael Ropeknight, studio6x6 Berlin

He studied with several renowned Bakushi before becoming an official student of Osada Steve. He was the one who introduced him with Yukimura Haruki Sensei at an early age. In the following years he spent much time with these two masters and studied their techniques and philosophies.

Yukimura Sensei and Osada Steve describe his abilities in dealing emotionally with his bondage partners and his use of energetic components (Ki) as extraordinary. Not only because of these special strengths both masters honoured him by allowing him to teach their styles as official instructor. His appointment as a licensed Osada Ryu Instructor shows the development of this bondage style from a technical to a comprehensive teaching system which focuses on communication and bondage partners.

As the owner of the Fourelements Kinbaku Lounge, he regularly organises events for beginners and advanced riders and can be booked for workshops and individual lessons.

Whom is this for?

This workshop is aimed at couples who want to explore the world of Yukimura Ryu together. Since this is ultimately a world of eroticism, there should be no intimate fear of contact between the bondage partners.

The active part should have at least one “intermediate level” – a basic understanding for rope and basic bondage of other styles.

Some of the basic bondage we learn together may also be technical for beginners – but we want to put the focus on the world beyond technology and to make room for it all participants should bring a certain level.


Small Group of only five couples

2 units of 7 hrs practice each, with breaks

Tee, coffee, soft drinks and a light lunch are provided

Location: Studio 6×6, Berlin-Moabit (detailed address comes with confirmation)

Language: English / German

Contribution: 375 € per couple, to be paid in advance

Bring along: Approx. 7 ropes are required – Recommended ropes : 7 to 7.20 m / 5 mm Japanese single Ply Jute – 8 m / 6 mm are also possible

=> Notes for participants


Day one:

We learn basic philosophical approaches of Yukimura Haruki’s bondage style. We analyse terms like Semenawa and Aibunawa, learn first basic bondage of Yukimura Ryu and experience their application.

We will give a lot of space to the introduction of a special mindset as well as to possible approaches and behaviours in dealing with each other.

Day two:

Among other things, we will use the festivities and procedures developed on the first day to apply more complex festivities and new “techniques”. The main focus is on the creation of emotions through the “how” in the implementation of the bondage.


I am a total beginner in the rope. Is the workshop suitable for me?

Tis workshop is not designed for total beginners, there is the workshop Discover Kinbaku – Essentials: From Zero to Patterns and Play. The active part should have at least one “intermediate level” – a basic understanding for rope and basic bondage of other styles.

I do not have a partner. Can I still participate?

The workshop is deliberately advertised for couples. Even if you do not have a bondage partner yet – this is Berlin! Put an Ad in the usual platforms and you will certainly find someone who wants to share the experience with you.

Is switching allowed?

Switching is not “forbidden”, but the program is designed so that there will not be time to duplicate the exercises. We do not want the non-switchers be bored…

My body is not as flexible as the models on the internet, can I still attend the workshop?

Yes. Kinbaku is the play on the limits of the individual possibilities of the person in the ropes, not the execution of fixed techniques. Important is the willingness of the partner in the rope to be in the rope for the limited time and the willingness of the partner with rope to deal responsibly with this gift. We will practice the techniques and principles in the workshop.