Elements of Seme-nawa Level I

In this Weekend Intensive, we will give an insight into our interpretation of Seme-nawa, which is for us about creating an intimate and intense rope session. The physical and mental challenge is created in order to influence an emotional state of the person in ropes. The philosophy and techniques are based on the art of Akira Naka and the system of Riccardo Wildties, our teacher. We will introduce our elements system, which includes the basic principles, patterns and figures to tie safely and effectively. But we don’t focus on the forms alone. We will question your intention and give impulses how this intention can be translated into specific ties in order to create maximum effect for the person in the ropes. The process of tying is slow, the figures are static. Rope after rope increases the challenge. The result is images that are aesthetically reminiscent of calligraphy or ikebana. The goal is to move the tied partner to devotion and show them in all their beauty.

This is a practical workshop, you will tie a lot yourself.

Elements of Semenawa, an weekend intensive with Nawa Ronin & NawaTaNeko

For whom is it?

This workshop is for couples (of all age and gender constellation) who already have some experience in Japanese-inspired bondage and want to engage with Seme-nawa. Through various exercises you repetitively practice the principles and gain confidence in your abilities as well as self-confidence in applying Seme-nawa during your private play.

Gains and benefits

As a Rigger

  • understanding the basic principles of Seme-nawa
  • safely mastering the first „iconic“ semi- and full suspensions in our style
  • understanding important non-technical aspects, such as Ma-ai, timing, communication through rope, and tools to create a shared experience of intimacy
  • gaining confidence in your abilities and self-confidence for application in private or at a Jam

As a Rope-Bottom

  • bringing attention to your body, to your feelings and sensations
  • developing the sense of your Center as a basecamp for your exploration in ropes
  • gaining safety in (semi) suspensions by learning to give in to the force of gravity
  • increasing your capability to master challenging positions as a key to positive experiences in seme-nawa ties
  • developing a feeling of your emotional and physical limits and positively communicating them

First experiences of both partners with the Takate-Kote and the handling of Tsuri-Lines, as well as the willingness to get involved in the philosophy of Seme-Nawa is the prerequisite for participation in this Weekend Intensive.


Saturday & Sunday, 08.-09. February 2020, 11:00 am – 05:00 pm, McArthur, SKGM Munich (FULL)

Saturday & Sunday, 25.-26. April 2020, 11:00 am – 05:00 pm, Shibari Lounge, Antwerp, Contribution: 360 € per couple, to be paid in advance

Saturday & Sunday, 09.-10. May 2020, 11:00 am – 05:00 pm, Leipzig, Contribution: 360 € per couple, to be paid in advance

Bring along: comfortable, flexible clothing and at least 10 jute ropes, 5 or 6 mm, 7 – 7.6 m long
=> Notes for participants


Kinbaku & Seme-Nawa: History and philosophy * Consent * Basic safety rules * Bondage without rope: taking control * Exercises to connect with your partner * Kinbaku LuXuria Takate-Kote / Box-Tie * Ashi-shibari * Ebi * Gyaku-ebi * Kata-ashi positions in semi- and full suspension * S-shape position: creating and taking torsion * Futo-momo suspension * Affect feelings and moods by the position * Create the drama: Intention, „plot“, rythm * Dominance and Submission * Master challenging positions * Applied Seme-nawa: Intention, intimacy, suffer, shame und aesthetics


I am a total beginner in the rope. Is the workshop suitable for me?

The workshop Seme-nawa is not suitable for total beginners. In order to be able to participate really intensively and also to achieve the maximum effect for you, the partners on both sides of the ropes should certainly master a Takate Kote / Box tie and other basic Kinbaku patterns.

I don’t have a partner. Can I still participate?

The workshop is consciously designed for couples. Even if you do not have a fixed partner yet, put an ad in the usual suspects’ platforms and there will surely be someone who wants to share the experience with you.

Is switching allowed?

Switching is not “prohibited”, but the program is designed so that there will be no time to do the exercises twice in a time-slot. We do not want the non-switchers to get bored … Since the principles are repeated in different exercises, you can, of course, do the exercises alternating if both partners want to actively learn.

My body is not as flexible as the models on the internet, can I still attend the workshop?

Yes. Seme-nawa is the play on the border of the individual possibilities of the person in the ropes, not the execution of fixed techniques. It is important for the passive partner to be willing to surrender in the rope for the limited time and for the active partner to deal responsibly with this gift. We will practice the necessary techniques and principles in the workshop.