An Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage

What is Kinbaku? Isn’t it called Shibari? What is the difference between Western Bondage and Japanese one? Does it hurt? I would like to be tied – how do I find a safe start? How do I avoid security risks or misunderstandings during a session? How does consent work? You are enthusiastic beginners or even just interested in the subject of bondage? You want to learn to tie? This introductory afternoon is our offer to You to get an overview of Japanese-inspired Bondage (Kinbaku) in an open, relaxed and safe atmosphere. Learn the first techniques and get answers to your questions.

Saturday, 03.07.2021 14:00 – 17:00 @ IKSK (Holzmarkt), 30 € p.Person

Limited to 30 participants, fully vaccinated or tested (tests available 2 €)

Who is it for?

The introductory evening is for all people who are interested in Bondage / Shibari / Kinbaku and want to learn more about how to get started. It is not a full workshop where complex patterns or figures are shown.

At this introductory afternoon you will…

… hear exciting stories about the origin and evolution of Japanese bondage art

… get important first hand information for safe bondage

… learn how to negotiate consent well and effectively, so that both partners have a good time together in bondage

… learn how to connect with your partner via the rope

… learn a first simple technique of tying both hands – and how to use it immediately in the play

… get your questions answered

  get to know other rope enthusiasts

Bring along: comfortable, flexible clothing and your ropes, when you have…