Photography was in my life much before Kinbaku was. I started with film, diapositives actually, and travel photography.   This was 1998. When I started with Kinbaku, initially, I was torn between my roles as rigger and photographer. Handling this two sides seemed to lead to both mediocre rope and photography.

But, provoked by the fact that I had the privilege to participate on both workshops on “Aesthetics of Kinbaku” Sugiura Norio Sensei gave in 2018/2019 in Copenhagen I decided to give it a trial once again. Witnessing Sensei planning the shoot and watching him taking pictures taught me a lot. I saw how meticulus he controls the light, how carefully he composes the story behind the picture. Here and here are two articles where I reflect on this experience.


We enjoy to do collaborations with other artists – doing photoshoots, videoproductions, or other crazy stuff. Ideas come to light, when human beings come together to share and create. We wish to meet artists with their own vision, with curiosity and an open mind but also with respect for the traditions of Kinbaku.

Here are some examples of collaborations we enjoyed the process and the results…