Come closer: Kinbaku Live

Japanese Rope Bondage, also called Shibari or Kinbaku enjoys increasing popularity in the West. Rooted in Togugawa criminal codex and punishment, as eroticized and popularized by Kabuki Theater and Ukiyo-E in 19th century, Kinbaku was developed over the past 100 years as an avangarde art but stayed same time closed linked to the Japanese Underground: smoky bars, Mistress Clubs, prostitution and pornography.

In modern (western) expression of rope bondage, these roots are often forgotten. The focus is at the skills of rigger or model, the performance as an art form.

That’s not what we want to show. Our performance is not for the big stages. There is no light show, no video projections, no special effects…

For us it’s about the essentials of Kinbaku: the emotional exposure of a person being tied and the delight the observer feels during the process. We invite the audience to witness an intimate play. You will witness us tying for real. There will be passion and emotions that will not leave you untouched.

Tying a person you love (not a prisoner nor a paid model) entertains elements of teasing, seduction, trust and surrender overlaying the violent historical background.

To see the person in ropes, one must look at her. The audience, assembling the persona of the – often hidden – observer, the voyeur, the pervert who steals a look at an intimate scene is the target of our show. There are so many moments one can pause, sit or stand still and look at the person in ropes.

It is about to see her shivering, suffering. You can taste the little moments of anxiety, fear, or pleasant anticipation.

There is no hurry, no rashness. The process of tying is slow. Rope by rope intensity is added. The pause in between is when everything is happening. There are so many moments to look at her.

You want to have a special delight for a versed audience?