Kinbaku Photography

Photography was in my life much before Kinbaku was. I started with film, diapositives actually, and travel photography.   This was 1998. The urban jungle was the second big topic for me. Walking on the streets of a big city and capturing the patterns and structures I see is still a great pleasure for me.

I never was good with people photography –  I struggle a lot with my role when it comes to Kinbaku & Photography. On the one hand, I like to tie and therefore the idea to “outsource” the capturing of the photographs seem attractive to me. On the other hand, as talented the photographers we work with are – it is THEIR vision, not mine, that is reflected in the pictures.

Therefore I decided to take the camera in my hands again…

This is probably provoked by the fact that I had the privilege to participate on both workshops on “Aesthetics of Kinbaku” Sugiura Norio Sensei gave in 2018/2019 in Copenhagen. Witnessing Sensei planning the shoot and watching him taking pictures taught me a lot. I saw how meticulus he controls the light, how carefully he composes the story behind the picture. Here and here are two articles where I reflect on this experience.

Some “work-in-progress” is collected below…



The Sacrifice (July 2020)

Redeem the dept (May 2020)

Strappado challenge (May 2020)

Hashira Lacing (April 2020)

A tribute to Seiu Ito (September 2019)