We are passionate about the Kinbaku we do. We enjoy exchanging and sharing our passion with like-minded people and making it available through the form of live performances, photo- and video- (media) production. 
Another art project – Berlin Kinbaku Society Magazine was born last year as a platform to research on the beauty of traditional Japanese Bondage. Our intention is to study historical and contemporary Japanese concepts of beauty and how to translate them into European culture to create an original expression of Kinbaku, respecting the Japanese origins but not appropriating it. The results of the research are presented in the form quarterly print magazine that you can purchase from us.
Whether you are an artist and you like to collaborate with us to bring your artistic project to life, or you like to invite us to make a life performance at your event – or you like to submit your creative work for our magazine – feel free to get in touch with us! 

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