Traditional Japanese Rope Bondage in Berlin


Kinbaku (緊縛) means “tight binding, and it is used as a synonym for erotic bondage. Often the term Shibari (縛り) is used interchangeably. We use „Kinbaku“ for our rope work, as we like to emphasize the eroticism and the commitment the two partners make to each other when entering a Kinbaku scene.


We gave our hearts to Semenawa as taught in Europe by Riccardo Wildties, the first disciple (Deshi) of Akira Naka. Alexander is the first official certified instructor for Kinbaku Luxuria Naka Ryu Basic Level (Zero to TK) in Germany. We found our home in that family of like-minded human beings, all dedicated to the spirit of Kinbaku.

Berlin Kinbaku Society

The Berlin Kinbaku Society is a forum for a group of enthusiastic and creative people interested to study Kinbaku and the sublime beauty of eroticism connected to it. We came together with a longing for real, tangible, in-person collaboration and exploration of Japanese rope bondage. 

Who we are…

We are Alexander NawaRonin and Natasha NawaTaNeko. Kinbaku and especially Seme-nawa in the style of Akira Naka as taught in Europe by Riccardo Wildties has become an important and enriching part of our lives. We share our passion with interested people, by performing and teaching Kinbaku together.


This book is is bringing together my research in both somatics and rope bottoming and consists of 12 somatic inquiries into the life of the body bound by ropes and it is meant to share my (non-dogmatic) ideas, and insights with all the bottoms who are on the same journey like me…

Available on Amazon or to be picked up in our studio in Berlin