Kinbaku (緊縛) means “tight binding, and it is used as a synonym for erotic bondage. Often the term Shibari (縛り), which means decorative tying, is used interchangeably. We use „Kinbaku“ for our rope work, as we like to cherish the Japanese roots of what we practice as well as emphasize eroticism, emotionality, and the “tight” commitment the two partners make to each other when entering a Kinbaku scene.

For us, as a couple tying together for more than 10 years now, it is a personal, intimate journey.

Here, we share our experiences and make our knowledge available to others. We aim to address riggers and bottoms, beginners or advanced people alike – or just people who are in general interested in the underground culture of Japanese-inspired rope bondage.

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We are passionate to research Japanese-inspired rope bondage

We study especially historical and contemporary Japanese concepts of Kinbaku and the culture that was established around it. We aim to translate them back into our “European” culture to create an original expression of Kinbaku, respecting the Japanese origin but not appropriating it.

We study the early Showa-era publishing scene, the early erotic film and video industry as well as the specific aesthetics of late Showa Kinbaku Photography.

We founded the Kinbaku Society of Berlin as a forum to exchange this research, we work on photography and video and we publish a magazine collecting these different formats for a wider fanbase.

KINBAKU Photography

My vision, my bondage, my light – my rules! Kinbaku Noir is dedicated to my work as both a rigger and photographer. It recreates the dense atmosphere of the cinema noir I admired so much in my teenage years, infused with the aesthetic inspirations I get from studying Japanese master photographers.


Ichi-go Ichi-e: we treasure the unrepeatable nature of a moment in Kinbaku. Every moment is unique. Although an intimate exchange between two people, the audience - YOU -, assembling the persona of the – often hidden – observer, the voyeur, the pervert who steals a look at an intimate scene is an essential part of the scene. 


The Kinbaku Salon is an invitation for everyone who wants to know more about the origins and history of Japanese Bondage, Kinbaku, or Shibari, who likes underground arts and culture - and who wants to socialize in an inspiring environment. It opens the possibility for education, exchange, and entertainment.


As experienced practitioners of rope bondage, we offer education, coaching, and mentoring: from absolute beginners to advanced students. We aim to teach both partners in rope equally – with complementary content. We teach the Riggers to better their tying and the Rope-bottoms to realize their best, individual experience in ropes.

In Berlin, in our studio6x6, we are available for individual coaching, private intensive weekends, and small group workshops. We are open to invitations to interested communities.

Somatics for Rope Bottoms

Bringing together her love for Kinbaku with her professional background in Sexological Bodywork, Natasha developed a structure for rope bottoms to deepen their experience in ropes and make it more internal, conscious, and safe. In 2020 she published a book: Somatics for Rope Bottoms.  It is for people who like being in ropes and want to grow and improve their experience. On her webpage, you will find their writings related to different aspects of rope bottoming and/or Somatics, downloadable resources, workshops/coaching offer, and links to other practitioners.