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Traditional Japanese Rope Bondage in Berlin

Kinbaku (緊縛) means “tight binding, and it is used as a synonym for erotic bondage. Often the term Shibari (縛り), wich mean decorativel tying, is used interchangeably. We use „Kinbaku“ for our rope work, as we like to emphasize eroticism, emotionality, and the commitment the two partners make to each other when entering a Kinbaku scene. For us, it is a personal, intimate journey.

As a couple tying together for more than 5 years now, we are passionate about the Kinbaku we do. Therefore, we share our experiences and make our knowledge available to others, from absolute beginners to advanced students. We aim to teach both partners in rope equally – with complementary content. We teach the Riggers to better their tying and the Rope-bottoms to realize their best, individual experience in ropes.

Kinbaku Live

Treasure the unrepeatable nature of a moment! We are a group of Berlin based artists who came together to show you the interpretation of traditional Kinbaku in a live stream session. We tie for real – supported by a musician who improvises, takes up the mood, has a dialogue with both the model and the rigger…

Everything will happen in exactly the moment you witness. There will be no conserve, no recording. Impermanence!

Rope Bondage Education Offer

For Beginners

We are very enthusiastic about teaching absolute beginners. This offer is for you, when you want to learn simple principles to engage safely, effectively, aesthetically and playfully in the rope bondage together.

Learn Japanese Rope Bondage Shibari Kinbaku


We are students of Kinbaku LuXuria in the art of Semenawa of Akira Naka. Based upon that, we have developed our own interpretation of the style . And this is what we share exclusively with our students above the beginners level.

Learn Japanese Rope Bondage Shibari Kinbaku

For Rope-Bottoms

Bringing together her love for Kinbaku with her professional background in Sexological Bodywork, Natasha developed a structure for rope bottoms to deepen their experience in ropes and make it more internal and safe.

What our student’s say about us…

Warm and cozy place, superfriendly, welcoming and caring people, great workshops where you learn a lot more about Kinbaku than just patterns. If you wanna study Naka Style / Semenawa in Berlin, this is the place to be. Highly recommended also for bottoms!

One of the best places in Berlin fo study Kinbaku at, great teachers ,cozy yet kinky atmosphere and a lot of knowledge and passion to ropes and human connection. Suitable for both beginners and advanced rope lovers.

Amazing location, professional workshops and teaching, full of events on a side (practice, side lesson, drawing). I can just recommend Discover Kinbaku.

Amazing workshops with an excellent team and impeccable teaching capacities. I have learnt a lot from all of my visits to the studio and definitely recommend them to anyone who is serious about ropes. I would also like to add that this space, including their jam, was so far one of the most queer and women* friendly open rope spaces in Berlin.

Very thorough classes with a good energy in teaching and communication. Thank You again.

A very nice and cozy place, the team taking care of it is awesome and welcoming. The room where you practice is very Japanese looking and really ads up to the experience. Great professionals and workshops a must go to place.

A beautiful and special place. The workshops at Discover Kinbaku are no shallow or chaotic fast food, but well thought-of concepts with a learning theory behind it, which doesn't only cover knots and patterns, but e.g. also interpersonal dynamics, communication and the side of the rope bottoms. All in a respectful, welcoming and open atmosphere, and the team has a lot of valuable experience to share. Would love to attend more classes in the future!