Information for Clients

We see our studio as a laboratory for experiments with rope, body, (mind) and soul. We want to create an open, non-judgmental atmosphere. Adult people of all sexual orientations and preferences are welcome here. We invite people to be authentic themselves and to respect what other people are like. Therefore, our studio is not a „safe(er) space” in the sense that all potentially irritating topics and situations are excluded. This is not a protected space for therapy. We see ourselves as sex-positive and kink-positive. We also use explicit language. You can be triggered by what you see or hear.

Be aware that you enter this experimental room at your own risk. Bondage involves a certain physical and psychological risk. Your physical and emotional safety is very important to us. Be responsible with yourself. Do nothing you don’t want at the moment. Let us know in time if you need something to feel safer. We are here to support you in your exploration.

The following points will help you to minimize the risk:

1. Take care of yourself 

When possible try to arrive to the workshop rested, fed and hydrated. Drink enough during the workshop. We provide drinks and snacks during the workshop times. Do not wait for the official break when you have a need, just take a break on your own and serve yourself. 

Consciousness-altering substances, alcohol and drugs change the perception of body and risk, not only in bondage. For our workshops you should therefore be sober – we reserve the right to exclude you if necessary, because we cannot take responsibility for your actions under drugs.

Consciousness-altering substances, alcohol and drugs change the perception your body and how you deal with risk, not only in bondage. For our workshops you should therefore be sober – we reserve the right to exclude you if necessary, because we cannot take responsibility for your actions under drugs.

Sometimes during rope bondage emotions come to the surface. This is totally normal, allow it. If you need some time for yourself alone or with your partner, feel free to take this time and withdraw to another room. You can always find a quiet space in our working room next to the Studio and take all the time you need. 

2. Speak to your partner 

Communicate with your partner before the workshop (as you would do before the play session) about your intentions, expectations and limits. In our Kinbaku we focus on a shared experience as a couple. Therefore, besides technical topics we will always address elements of erotic intimate play between partners. To avoid an unpleasant experience, talk to your partner beforehand about your limits regarding giving and receiving touch. 

3. Slow down 

Do not feel pressured to achieve fast results neither by us nor by other participants. We demonstrate normally the full exercise so that you have an idea where are we going, but you do not have to accomplish it immediately in your practice.
For your learning progress it is often more beneficial to do only the half of the exercise but clean then try to complete the exercise no matter what. If there are other participants who are faster, do not let this fact affect you. Stay with yourself and with the rhythm that feels natural to you. 

For people in ropes, at all times, listen to yourself how far you like to go and communicate when reaching your limits, no matter physical or emotional.

4. Follow our instructions

Please follow our instructions. Do not experiment in the workshop with techniques that we have not shown. Pay attention to the details. Sometimes we give you the freedom to find your own way, sometimes we insist on a certain way. You have chosen us as your teachers at least for this special workshop: trust us!

5. Stay safe 

Kinbaku is a way to create an intense experience for you as a couple. Even though we learn first by copying the exercise or the figure that is shown, it goes way deeper than that. What is normal for one person can be totally out of comfort zone for another. Be mindful with yourself and your partner. If the technique is unclear for you, or you are not sure whether it is safe in the moment, just ask. 

6. Take notes 

You are welcome to take pictures of our demonstrations, but please do not film the full exercise. Concentrate on watching! It is also allowed to take photos and videos of your own creations, but please make sure there are no other participants in the picture. Find your own way of taking notes for your learning. 

7. Never underestimate the effect that the rope has on you! 

Take some time to rest after workshop. You might feel tired and heavy or high and light-headed, dizzy etc. It is very important to take care and be considerate with each other after this experience, even if you did not so challenging stuff. Sometimes we are not aware right away what this did to us, but we might feel it later. It is especially true for people in ropes. 

Better to take time to rest and integrate and come back slowly to full awareness before you drive or take public transport.
It is a good idea to check-in with each other next day after the workshop and make sure everything is fine.

We wish you a great time with each other Discovering Kinbaku! 

Natasha & Alexander

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