Sharing our current research

How do we use pressure – impact – to create an emotional response from our models? This is the essence of our interpretation of Semenawa. It brings together Alexander’s kink –  erotic impact play with ropes – with Natasha’s research of somatic transformations.

This research rests on our studies with Riccardo Wildties / Kinbaku LuXuria, but we aim to take it from there. We are searching. What does Kinbaku – as practice – means to us? What is the meaning of the figures, of the positions, beyond the aesthetic appeal?

In this workshop proposal we aim to share this research with interested communities.


Bodies under Pressure

In this Weekend Intensive, we will try to inspire you for your own research. We will take a different look at the philosophy and toolbox of  “Semenawa” – the style we tie.

Doing so, we are dealing with more complex techniques in semi- and full suspension. The process of tying is slow, the figures produced are static. Rope after rope increases the challenge. The result is images that are aesthetically reminiscent of calligraphy or ikebana. The goal is to move the tied partner to devotion and show them in all their beauty. Rope Bottoms learn the somatic skills to accept and integrate the impact, allowing for emotional transformation in ropes, without giving up the boundaries or sense of self.

Our philosophy and techniques rest on what we learned from our teachers, the people who walked the path before us. Alexanders brings in 15+ years of practice of martial arts and Natasha her intensive study of somatics and bodywork. 


For whom it is

This workshop is for couples (of all age and gender constellation) who already have intermediate-advanced experience in Japanese-inspired bondage and want to engage more intensively with Semenawa. Through various exercises you repetitively practice the principles and gain confidence in your abilities as well as self-confidence in applying Semenawa during your private play.

The secure mastery of a Gote (Box-Tie), designed for torsional loads and routine in the execution of (semi)-suspensions, as well as the willingness to get involved in the philosophy of Semenawa is the prerequisite for participation in this Weekend Intensive.

Bring along: Clothing to your taste, suiting your mood for intense rope bondage and at least 12 jute ropes, 5 or 6 mm, 7 – 7.6 m long

… for Riggers

  • deeper understanding of concepts and philosophy of Semenawa
  • becoming more creative with your own adaptions of the standard ties
  • getting fluent with complex line management in suspensions
  • understanding important non-technical aspects, such as Ma-ai, timing, communication through rope tools to create a shared experience of intimacy

… for Rope Bottoms

  • practice using your attention to connect deeper with yourself and your partner 
  • developing a feeling of your emotional and physical limits and positively communicating them 
  • learning receptivity, staying soft under the impact of the ropes  
  • finding a feeling of internal safety during more challenging ties  


Kinbaku & Semenawa: History and philosophy * Basic Consent & Safety rules * Creating a session * Ma-ai: The play with distance and proximity, rhythm and pause * Communication through the rope: intimacy, suffering, shame und aesthetics * Refining the Gote / Takate-kote * Creative applications for a 3rd/4th/5th rope * Giri-giri position * Creative applications of waist rope * Arm binders and strappado position * Lacings * Progressions * “Predicamental” strategies

On the bottom’s side, we introduce tools to growing your stamina in challenging positions by breathing, directing the attention, keeping soft and re-grounding in your body. 

Above all, we want enable you to apply these patterns to create a shared experience in your erotic play. 

Got interested? Invite us to your community!