Japan Trip 2023

Finally, we went back to Japan. 2019, as we did our first trip together – mainly to see our friends […]

Kinbaku Praxis Studio 6x6 Berlin Private Shibari coaching

Practice | Research | Session

In this article I wanted to think (out loud) about a very important topic – I basically address in every […]

Free space and structures

In this article, I like to meditate on how patterns emerge and how we organize a body around its pivotal […]

NawaRonin tying a Gote on Natasha NawaTaNeko

Three ways to tie a Gote

The Gote is the most basic pattern of Japanese rope bondage, the most common, and the most misunderstood. I refer […]

Bottoming for Seme-nawa

Semenawa is in demand these days. Many people feel attracted to a darker, erotic, challenging, and most of all deeply […]

Norio Sugiura in Copenhagen

We dived deep that weekend. Three days in a basement studying from a legend. Sugiura Sensei witnessed and greatly influenced […]

Tokyo – Impressions

Visiting Tokyo was the big highlight for us in 2019. We had one week – it was too short and […]

About Quality in Kinbaku

About Quality in Kinbaku

Very often I’m in the argument about quality or even more vague: beauty in Kinbaku. Why is this tie more […]

Andrea Kurogami gives advice on how to learn most effective to jepanese art of erotic bondage

How to be a good student

by Andrea Kurogami We are very impressed by this article from our dear friend and Kinbaku LuXuria “colleague” and we […]