We have entered the world of Japanese Bondage with Discover Kinbaku at their Studio 6×6 a good year ago and have since attended many different workshops. We’ve done some in their standard curriculum, Earth, Water, etc., which really build the couple up in their skill, but also in their understanding of Kinbaku in terms of history and culture in Japan and the “Western” context, the psychological aspects and the many opportunities for personal growth. The ties and elements don’t only increase in complexity, but also in intensity and one’s repertoire on all levels increases continuously. From a very early stage, improvisation and tying with the energetical flow is encouraged. Teaching is concise and precise. The experience of the person IN the rope is given as much importance as the one of the person WITH the rope.
More than the classes, what became more important to us over the last year, was the community that Natasha and Alexander built and keep building with their enthusiasm for what they are doing. They really inspire. And they bring inspiring teachers from other parts of the world to Berlin to teach and feed their crumbs to the Berlin Kinbaku scene (and also beyond that, as many participants of these events travel a fair bit for them). All such events that we’ve attended have been incredibly worthwhile, deep, dense and… we can only repeat ourselves, inspiring. Thanks much, Natasha and Alexander. We’re looking forward to another colourful year at Studio 6×6.