Ropescape Teneriffa 2022

Photo by @ZOR

We had some vacation – well deserved. It was really the first time in a long, that we flew to a place mainly to relax, not to teach or to learn.

Ropescape 2022, in a beautiful house in Tenerife, was wonderfully organised by our friends ZOR & Margot from Madrid Shibari. It had all, that we needed: comfortable rooms, with separate bathrooms, good food, good wine, good company – and a pool.


We liked the island. It has its beauty…

The landscape is rough. Tenerife is basically a volcano (Teide) raising from a cone of lava and ash in the middle of the Atlantic. A North-African sun is burning.

One day was dedicated to exploration. On small, steep, curvy roads we raised up, and broke through the clouds – into a blue sky. The lava came in shades of black, anthracite, grey, brown, orange, and yellow. It felt almost like being in an extraterrestrial place.

The sacrifice

Of course, it was ROPEscape, and amongst a bunch of creative, kinky, friendly people we also went for the realization of some crazy Kinbaku photo ideas.

In a pine forrest, we found one tree, upright standing. A perfect „hashira“ to tie Natasha NawaTaNeko. Teide was watching from behind. 

Sacrificed: Natasha NawaTaNeko | Rope: Alexander MA | Photography: ZOR Neurobashing | Team: Scot, Tanja, Margot, Emily

Whilst tying, the mood changed. When we shoot together – it is always high energy. Zor tries to be fast – and yes, sometimes I yell at the rope assistant when she is not fast enough.

„Keep me here a bit longer“ Natasha was begging. She cried. We got calm. Waiting… She cried more. In peace with that magnificent nature, in the mild afternoon light.


The second element there was water. Clear blue ocean. Marine life. Rocks. Waves. Mist.

We went snorkelling.

ZOR and Margot brought us to scenic beaches.

… and when the sun set, between dusk and dawn, there was an incredible dark sky – filled with an abundance of stars…

Pictures: ZOR Neurobashing



The carport intrigued @MissBop. She had that fantasy of a girl used, abused, and left alone there…

We were happy to fulfill this fantasy.

Abandoned: MissBop | Rope: Alexander MA | Photography: ZOR Neurobashing | Team: Vouk, Natasha, Margot, Roman

The feast

There was a very charismatic tree in our backyard, a „big bonsai“. It was intriguing, fascinating. We wanted to shoot a bigger scene. We imagined a bunch of heavily tattooed Gangsters, with prostitutes, celebrating, drinking, whilst two poor girls are tied to the big branch of the tree. As a punishment or for the sheer pleasure of the gang – who will ever know…?


Exhibited: Natasha NawaTaNeko & MissBop | Gangsters: Scot, Tanja, Vouk, Hendrik | Rope: Scot Kinbaku & Alexander MA | Photography: ZOR Neurobashing | Team: Vouk, Margot, Roman, Jaz

Kinbaku Photosessions

A few words about these photo sessions. Is this real (or completely staged)? one might ask.

The answer it: it is different. First of all: these complex, high demanding, challenging photoshoots are team work.

Doing the rope, doing the photography, AND taking care of the safety of the person in the ropes is almost impossible. Much too often the attempt leads to mediocre results both in rope work and in photography – but also the model is on the edge. In a not good way…

These photoshoots are a realization of a phantasy, a story. Like a movie, they are not real. But then, same time, they are not staged in the sense that the emotions are staged. The challenge, the tears, and the suffering are real.

The team is there to keep the model safe (we have lifters – which makes the whole difference!) and to allow the photographer and rigger to focus on creation.


We look forward to Ropescape 2023