縄侘猫 = NawaTaNeko, which can be translated as “Proud Rope Cat” and also consists some parts of my original name.

I am a truth seeker and embodiment enthusiast. Love and curiosity are my driving forces. I am Russian born and my spirituality is deeply rooted in Russian culture, and part of it is that I like to ask existential questions and look for the essence of things.

I love rope for the fact that it is honest. Real. Tangible. Whatever it is that you are hiding – fear, mistrust, self-doubts – the rope will bring it out. With rope, you can learn to surrender, you can learn integrity. You can learn to be generous – and grateful.

Having taken Sexological Bodywork professional training and studying with Joseph Kramer, I was fascinated to discover the potential of embodiment as a way of experiencing life through our sensations, emotions and interactions. The potential gift of somatic learning and somatic change is that it helps us come back into playfulness and spontaneity in everyday life, if we only choose to attend to what our bodies are telling us!

I’m dedicated to bringing out different somatic aspects as breathing, movement, posture, communication, and placement of attention in our teaching.

Natasha NawaTaNekoNatasha NawaTaNekoNatasha NawaTaNekoNatasha NawaTaNekoNatasha NawaTaNekoNatasha NawaTaNeko

I am particularly passionate about teaching consent in ropes, influenced by my study with Betty Martin. I regard The Wheel of Consent as a fascinating method that helps people to bring awareness and clarity into questions of intentions, boundaries and responsibility during rope play and enables honest communication about what we really want and eventually self-empowerment as a way to more happiness.

Kinbaku for me is an exciting journey / trip / inquiry into the realm of what happens when we are forced out of learned patterns and automatic reactions and into surrendering to the flow of here and now. I’m not into pain for the sake of pain as intense physical sensation. I’m into challenge; pain can be part of it. I’m into the challenge of two people coming close, very close together, the challenge of exchanging the gift of focused attention and connection, becoming vulnerable in showing oneself as we are and letting other see us. Pain naturally belongs to this experience. So does shame and embarrassment – I love it. True bliss I experience at times in ropes is my reward.

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