Somatics for Rope Bottoms

Struggling sometimes to let go in ropes? Yearning to trust and surrender, but feeling raising anxiety and tension when in ropes? Insecure how to choose a rope partner and how to communicate with them? Unsure what it is that you are actually feeling? When to bear the pain and when to say stop? Missing clarity about your own wishes, needs and limits? 

On this workshop we will put aside a rope for a moment and focus on the soma or “the body as perceived from within”. We will learn to feel ourselves in the moment and to contain our experiences without freezing or flying away. We will learn to pay attention to what is happening in the moment. We will reconnect to our sense of safety. We will learn to verbalize our desires and choices and recognize when it doesn’t feel good anymore. Using simple and fun exercises from Sexological Bodywork and Contact Improvisation we will re-connect to our bodies, emotions, sensations.

Increased somatic awareness and access to the wisdom of your body will lead naturally to deepening your bottoming experiences and making it more internal, conscious and safe.

To enable the somatic learning, we need time and practice. Therefore the workshop is designed over a course of 4 months to give you a regular input that you can take home and apply in your routine rope practice. That way you will get the most out of this course.

Format: 8 evening classes x 3 hours, twice a month
Where: Studio6x6, Berlin
Language: English / German depending on the participants
Contribution: 210 Euro / person full course, 30 Euro – drop-in the evening class


15th of January 2019, Tuesday, 19-30 – 22-30

29th of January 2019, Tuesday, 19-30 – 22-30

12th of February 2019, Tuesday, 19-30 – 22-30

26th of February 2019, Tuesday, 19-30 – 22-30

12th of March 2019, Tuesday, 19-30 – 22-30

26th of March 2019, Tuesday, 19-30 – 22-30

02th of April 2019, Tuesday, 19-30 – 22-30

09th of April 2019, Tuesday, 19-30 – 22-30


Finding your intention in ropes * Practicing Giving and Receiving consensual touch * Getting an access to Taking & Surrendering * Following the inner “Yes” and trusting the inner “No” * Consent & Communication * Understanding boundaries, limits and limitations * Exploring Comfort zone and Learning zone * Understanding trauma * Welcoming the impact: Pain * Understanding Emotions *

For whom is it?

This workshop is for all people who like being in ropes and want to grow and improve their experience in one or few aspects mentioned above.

About myself

To this workshop I bring my passion and experience as kinbaku model since 2014, my professional experience in sexological bodywork since 2015, some results of my research on a topic of somatic change I have been doing for years, my pure personal obsession about surrender and last but not least my love and compassion for humans. Putting it all together, I developed this structure for rope bottoms to deepen their experience in ropes making it more internal, conscious and safe and access a profound state of true surrender.

Benefits for participants:

  1. With feeling yourself (your body) better, you get to internalize your experience in ropes, leading to more conscious and therefore more deep and satisfying rope sessions
  2. Better understanding signals in your body, will give you sense of safety and confidence when being in ropes . Eventually you might develop more adaptability, resilience and playfulness in ropes
  3. Getting more clarity about what you want and don’t want, you get clearer in communicating it and taking a responsibility for your side, therefore, you become the most fun and desirable person to tie with!
  4. You will get confident in your consent & communication skills
  5. Longer endurance in ropes offers a possibility for more pleasure
  6. More confidence in reading signals in your body might prevent you from being injured
  7. You might uncover new dimensions in ropes and make your experiences more versatile
  8. Being able to give your rigger better feedback, you help them to learn and improve


Do i need to come with a partner? 

No, you don’t need a partner for this workshop. 

Are we going to tie? 

No, we will not use rope primarily, maybe maximum in one exercise. There will be a lot of practice though. We will work with touch, movement, breathe and placement of attention. 

What if i have no experience as a rope bottom and just curious to find out more? 

You don’t have to have a lot of experience in ropes to participate in the workshop. This is no such formal requirement. Also, the topics we will address, like attention and presence, ability to stay centered under an impact, ability to listen to yourself in here and now etc are valuable skills in life outside of rope realm as well. However, if you have had the experience of being tied, at least a few times, you will get the most out of this workshop and also will be able to contribute to the group learning with reflecting and sharing about your own experience. 

If you have read that far and have more questions about this new format of learning rope bottoming, please get on touch with me: