Rules of the game @studio 6×6

We see our studio as a laboratory for experiments with rope, body, (mind) and soul. We want to create an open, non-judgmental atmosphere. Adult people of all sexual orientations and preferences are welcome here. We invite people to be authentic themselves and to respect what other people are like.

Therefore, our studio is not a „safe(er) space” in the sense that all potentially irritating topics and situations are excluded. This is not a protected space for therapy. We see ourselves as sex-positive and kink-positive. We also use explicit language. You can be triggered by what you see or hear. Please be aware that you enter this experimental space at your own risk. Be responsible with yourself. Do nothing you don’t want at the moment. 


Empowerment is the basis of all. We believe in self-empowerment. You are powerful. You are already powerful. You can make decisions for yourself. You can notice your body reactions and you can communicate them. This means: you are aware of your boundaries and limits and you are capable to defend them. Be responsible for yourself. Do nothing you don’t want at the moment. You understand your emotional triggers and conditioned tendencies and you do your own work to process them. In short: you are an adult and you act like one.


With empowerment comes respect. Somehow it goes without saying: be respectful to the other researchers, to us and to our property. We welcome people with different backgrounds, history, abilities. Don’t assume – ask. Don’t judge – open your mind. 

We believe that respect comes mutual. In the mere act of opening our home for you we give you a big respect in advance. Keep up to this. 


Our core value is kindness. Life is suffering. But kindness is a release. People often carry tremendous inner pain. Everyone carries their own story. Being kind to each other makes us human. So, please act as a human and be kind. Kindness allows us and others to grow and heal. 


Studio 6×6 is a laboratory. It is a place where you can post questions to yourself, a place where we create space for you to listen for potential answers. It is a place for experimentation. Your most valuable gift is curiosity. Drop your judgement. Maybe there is no good vs. bad. Maybe some of your ideas are just constructed concepts. Stay open and keep learning. With this comes making no assumptions. Maybe things are different from what they appear. 

5.Mindfulness and Skillful action 

Act within the body of your knowledge and capabilities. Make sure that you are in control of your actions, physically and emotionally. Don’t go ballistic. In most cases, this means: Do less, slow down. Ask for help or „observation“, when needed. We are available for it. 

Also, be mindful with substances that alter your consciousness. We will not judge your personal risk profile, but we encourage you to „let the rope do its work, not chemistry“ when doing or experiencing bondage in our space. Please be aware, that we might interfere with your scene, when we feel our „safety“ as hosts is on risk.

What is it not? Disclaimer:

We do not believe in the concept of safe / safer spaces made by the rules and enforced by the host. Please don’t take any assumptions towards it. You are responsible for yourself. Certainly, when someone doesn’t behave respectful or kind, we might take action. But often, we cannot know. Sometimes we have a different viewpoint than you. That’s why the first principle is empowerment. Don’t do what you don’t like. When there is anything happening you cannot stand: walk away from it.  

This space is not made to comfort you. This is a place where you can experiment and grow. Please be aware of that.

And, it goes without saying, that we cannot allow minors, below 18  years, in our studio for any event.