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Traditional Japanese Style Bondage in Berlin

Ichi-go Ichi-e: we treasure the unrepeatable nature of a moment in Kinbaku

To see the person in ropes, one must look at her. The audience, assembling the persona of the – often hidden – observer, the voyeur, the pervert who steals a look at an intimate scene is the target of our show. The pause in between is when everything is happening. It is about to see her shivering, suffering. You can taste the little moments of anxiety, fear, or pleasant anticipation.


Photography was in my life much before Kinbaku was. I started with film, diapositives actually, and travel photography. This was 1998. Provoked by the fact that I had the privilege to participate on both workshops on “Aesthetics of Kinbaku” Sugiura Norio Sensei gave in 2018/2019 in Copenhagen I decided to give it a trial once again. So, this page is dedicated to my work as both rigger and photographer. My vision, my bondage, my light – my rules! Enjoy!

Passionate to research Japanese inspired rope bondage

The Kinbaku Society of Berlin is the forum for a group of enthusiastic, creative people who come together to study Kinbaku and the sublime eroticism connected to it. We study especially historical and contemporary Japanese concepts of beauty and how to translate them into European culture to create an original expression of Kinbaku, respecting the Japanese origin but not appropriating it. The results of this studies will be presented in a quarterly print magazine, in form of poetry, novel, reportage, documentary, drawings and images. Everyone who is contributing to the mission and open to research the beauty of Kinbaku is welcome.

Andrea Kurogami gives advice on how to learn most effective to jepanese art of erotic bondage

How to be a good student

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Naka Akira Workshop 2019

Moments of learning Traditional Japanese Rope Bondage from Naka Akira, Turin 2019 Photos: Amaury Grisel

Family ties… seen by ZOR

Cooperation during “Lounge Week” in Kinbaku Lounge, Copenhagen, 2018 Concept and ropes: Andy Buru & Alexander MA Models: Saara Rei […]

Molecular shibari

I always pondered on how I could bring together my profession and my passion. Now there was made a breakthrough […]

Aethereality Festival

Photos: Tajo Our first performance, at Aethereality Festival November 2016 in Berlin.